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Available Classes

These courses are designed to help you develop a spirit of faith and to learn who you are in Christ while equipping you for the call of God on your life through serving your local church! 

What we offer

Diploma In Theology • Associate In Theology • Associate of Arts In Theology • Advanced Diploma in Theology • Bachelor of Christian Ministry • Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry

First Year

In Christ Realities
Principles of Faith
Marriage & Family
Ministry of Helps
The Love of God
Authority of the Believer
Methods of Bible Study
Biblical & Personal Finances
Character & Integrity

Second Year

Principles of Prayer
Principles of Leadership
The Holy Spirit & His Gifts
Divine Healing
Discipleship 101
Life & Teachings of Jesus in the New Testament
Productive Christianity: The Fruitful Life
Church Growth & Unity

Third Year

Insights to the Book of Ephesians
Ministry Gifts
The Book of Acts
The Triumphant Church
The Life of Paul
Old Testament Survey
Blood Covenant
Church History
Success in Ministry

Fourth Year

Christian Counseling
Ministerial Ethics
Praise & Worship
Preaching & Teaching Lab
Audio & Visual Lab
Making Disciples
Social Media Lab
Developing Leaders
Bible Doctrines

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